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"…I don’t believe any other man has ever found himself in a position like mine. The domains of kings are limited by natural barriers or changes of customs or language. My kingdom is as large as the world, for I am neither Italian, French, Hindu, American or Spanish: I am a cosmopolite. I adopt all customs and I speak all languages. You think I’m French because I speak French with the same ease and correctness as you. But Ali, my Nubian, thinks I’m an Arab; Bertuccio, my steward, thinks I’m a Roman; Haydée, my slave, thinks I’m a Greek. Therefore, since I am from no country, since I ask no government for protection, and since I regard no man as my brother, I am not deterred by any of the scruples or obstacles that paralyze the efforts of the weak."

-The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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